PI Network

Unconventional Solutions to Complex Cases

Professional Investigators Network, Inc. is a full service private investigative agency with offices in Glen Cove, NY. Established in 2000, we are a skilled group of surveillance experts, highly skilled in covert and overt operations focusing on workers compensation, insurance fraud, criminal fraud and landlord tenant matters. Experienced in due diligence, skip tracing, subterfuge and testimony at trial.

Our private investigators and detectives are not limited to clients in New York. We regularly conduct cases across the country and with our years of experience, we have firmly established an international network of contacts, agents, and resources. This allows us to operate our investigations anywhere in the world. We have especially strong ties in Israel, South Africa, Canada, Romania and Ireland.

Areas of Expertise

• Accomplished skip tracers utilizing subterfuge and pretext skills gathered over 26 years.
• Extensive knowledge of covert camera installation and monitoring.
• Conducting in depth interviews of claimants/witnesses / tenants
• Surveillance experts - local, national and international experience with cutting edge audio/video equipment.
• Taking detailed written and recorded statements
• Expert testimony
• Skip tracing
• Subterfuge
• Due diligence
• Landlord tenant matters including non-primary residence investigations

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